select Nissan Infiniti 2008-2012 VLite VT2 CarPlay® Android Auto® Kit Interface Adapter Navigation Upgrade

Smartphone Integration

Smartphone Integration

Supports CarPlay® (wired and wireless)

Supports Android Auto® (wired and wireless)

Bluetooth A2DP music streaming

Bluetooth and Wifi Capable

Bluetooth and Wifi Capable

Bluetooth A2DP music streaming

Text and integrated controls

Wifi enabled

OTA (over-the-air) updates via Wifi

USB Support

USB Support

2 USB ports for charging or external USB devices support

Wired CarPlay supported

Wired Android Auto supported

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VLine Lite 2 (VLite2) enables CarPlay® and Android Auto® (wired and wireless) integration to the factory stereo

Smartphone Integration - CarPlay® and Android Auto®
  • Connect your phone to your car stereo via USB or wireless
  • Get CarPlay and Android Auto on your factory screen
  • Supports CarPlay wireless or USB
  • Supports Android Auto wireless or via USB
  • Get maps, music, messaging, calls*
  • Control using car stereo touchscreen or knob
  • Use voice assistant - OK Google® or Siri®
  • Sound goes through all stereo speakers
  • * Note that Android Auto does not provide phone calls, all calls go through factory Bluetooth. You can still start the phone call using Android Auto interface.
  • * If using Wireless CarPlay/Android Auto, consider adding external GPS receiver to reduce the strain on the phone battery

Bluetooth and Wifi enabled
  • Bluetooth A2DP (wireless) music streaming from your phone
  • Bluetooth streaming titles, steering wheel control
  • Firmware updates via Wifi

USB Support
  • Play iPhone using USB
  • Track titles, artist, album, integrated controls
  • High quality sound
  • Attach any standard USB devices such as keyboard or mouse via USB

Access all factory features
  • All factory features keep working (unless specifically noted)
  • Factory Backup camera and Bluetooth keep working
  • Factory Climate controls keep working

Car Stereo CarPlay Android Auto Integration
CarPlay® wired via USB and wireless
Android Auto® wired via USB and wireless
Bluetooth for music streaming
MicroSD slot for updates or data storage
USB2.0 x 2 ports
Operating Temperature: -40C - +85 C (-50F - 200 F)
Operating current: < 700mA
Standby current: ~5mA
SN Ratio: 95dB
DAC resolution: 24bit
Distortion: < 0.01%
Dimensions: W / H / D - 110* 100 * 40 mm
Weight: 300g
Enclosure: Silver metal
Standard package include everything you need for the installation:
- VLite VT2 Smartphone Integration Kit
- Vehicle specific harness
- Display video cable
- Microphone
- Operation manual

Optional accessories (not included into the standard kit)
- Automotive grade USB Extenstion cable
- GPS Antenna
- USB flush mount

We ship internationally. For rates and delivery times please see this chart

- 30 days money back guarantee
- 12 month replacement warranty
Q.: When I install VLine Lite (VLite2), will it disable any of my car factory functions, such as factory car FM radio or backup camera?
A.: VLite2 will not disable any important factory functions such as backup camera or factory FM Radio.

Q.: Will my car stereo or steering wheel controls work with VLite2?
A.: Stereo and steering wheel controls will work for music streaming. Accept/reject is available for phone calls.

Q.: Do I need my phone to work with VLite2?
A.: Yes you will need your phone with VLite2. Your phone will be mirrored (projected in Car mode) to the car stereo screen via CarPlay or Android Auto.

Q.: If I stream the music with Bluetooth with VLite2, can I see track titles?
A.: Yes you will see track titles, artists and albums information.

Q.: Does VLite2 require any internet connectivity?
A.: No, VLite2 does not need any internet connectivity for main functionality. All apps run on the phone.You do need an internet connection for over-the-air software updates.

Q.: Do I need any additional items to project my iPhone or Android Smartphone to car stereo screen?
A.: No, you do not need any accessories except the original USB cable for wired connection.

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