Why Freeway Congestion Makes Me Want to Buy a New GROM-HDR1 of HD Radio® Dongle

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hdr1 blogI was driving to work one morning, during a nasty traffic jam, and began wandering through my radio stations. I was really irritated and all I wanted was to listen to a little classical or jazz to calm me down.

I would have to explain my tardiness to my supervisor. This morning I was going to be a little over an hour late. Since I wasn’t the only one in my department who commuted to work, I was sure I wouldn’t be the only one late at least. That brought me some peace of mind. But really it still made me twitch.

The radio stations weren’t getting proper reception where I was currently “parked” on the freeway. My IPhone was dead, so I didn’t bother trying to access something that way. I decided to turn off the stereo and listen to my thoughts instead.

I began thinking about my audio system and the idea of connected cars. I read something online the night before, and it seemed to beam back into my thoughts at that moment.

Connected cars are basically vehicles that have access to internet-based technology. Any time you access music on your phone and listen to it on your car stereo via a USB or AUX connection you are driving a “Connected Car.” Also, if you have an infotainment system included with your car audio system, you are driving a “Connected Car.” GROM Audio specifically develops car kits to better and seamlessly access your hand-held device to GROM’S car.

So regardless, I was sitting there in the slow moving traffic and thinking about connected cars. I read last night that GROM Audio created a new attachment for their car systems, specifically designed to enhance radio availability by 300%. Well, maybe that is a little overboard; however, I was impressed how the device would “extend the value” of their car kits.

This device, called GROM-HDR1, is an HD Radio tuning gadget that plugs directly into your GROM Audio car kit. Using HD Radio® Technology, the device provides static-free, clear audio from FM stations and adds access to more than 2,000 HD Radio stations; along with HD2, HD3, and HD4 channels broadcast by any of those stations.

The HD Radio tech was developed by iBiquity Digital, who partnered with GROM Audio to develop this extended value add-on to GROM’s car kits.

Considering that I was limited to my local classical and jazz stations, which I love by the way, I could additionally access similar stations all over the globe. Plus, I would not have to worry about local reception!

I think what really excited me was having more choices and better sound performance. It was nice being able to access some radio through my IPhone, but usually it was a challenge getting to where I needed to be on my phone—not to mention driving at the same time! This new device would integrate seamlessly into my car stereo system, making it a lot safer to use with better quality.

After thinking about all this for a few minutes, I considered my next opportunity to order GROM-HDR1. The article mentioned it was on sale for $74.99 from $89.99.

I decided to try my radio again. The jazz station was able to get through, at least for a while. I scan the traffic around me and noticed there had been no movement! I leaned back in my seat and listen to a trumpeter wandered through a loose melody.

— Post submitted by Rudy M —