Android Mobile Apps for Music Lovers to Listen to Music Anywhere

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Android mobile phone devices have obtained a greater share of the mobile market and Android devices from different manufacturers all have their own Android music players.  However, the Android Music player is still more conventional to date.

Androids phones are becoming increasingly popular, and many people are becoming impressed by their music features through Android music apps.

Now, thanks to mobile technology and some impressive Android music apps, all your favorite songs are right at your fingertips.

Android offers a multitude of apps dedicated to music lovers, so you can listen to your favorite tunes with just a few taps and swipes.

Let’s take a look at some of of the best Android apps for music lovers.

Shazam is an app that takes advantage of an amazing new technology that can identify songs based on tiny snippets of music. Next time you’re at a coffee shop and a mesmerizing song that you’ve never heard comes on the radio, bust out Shazam and watch it work its magic. It’ll give you the artist, the song title, and the album, along with links to purchase the track, read album reviews, and much more!

AALinQ is an Android music player designed for “In-car use” as well as “Portable use”.  The app has enlarged fonts and graphics that make it easy and safe to control the music while driving.  The application’s key features include; gesture controls, browsing and playing the music by albums, artists, songs, and playlists. In addition the app supports “all songs” and “on the go” playing modes.

Roqbot is an exciting new app that puts a modern twist on the traditional jukebox. Roqbot partners with bars, cafes, and other public places, installing a virtual jukebox that Roqbot users can log into and make requests. Unlike a traditional jukebox, Roqbot users can see when their song will play, as well as what songs will precede it, allowing the user to control the flow of music like never before.

So, who says Android Music Player is still conventional?  Well, Thanks to all the terrific Android app developers out there,   Android music is nowhere near conventional with all the fantastic music apps out there!

You can certainly find thousands of music apps on Google Play to find your personal favorite 🙂  Happy hunting everyone!

AALinQ” is an Android car music app developed by GROM Audio to use stand alone (with FM transmitter for example) or with GROM hardware – GROM-US2P adapter kit . GROM-USB2P adapter kit is the industry first direct integration of Android phone to the factory car stereo.