The Definition of GROM Audio is Innovation

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Innovativeness is perhaps the term that best defines GROM Audio.

It has always been the endeavor of ours to offer customers with the best possible audio experience while on-the-road.

We come up with audio integration systems to help update old sound systems to the latest and advanced system. The integration car kits enable you to connect to a variety of Smart devices which are not compatible with your old stereo systems.

Our systems integrate to cars manufactured since 1999. Moreover GROM systems support most of the car make including Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Nissan, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Skoda, Fiat, Mitsubishi and over 30 other car makes.

Our latest success story is derived from a customer who installed our USB3 Car Kit to his Toyota Prius, 2001 model.

“With the addition of the new device the 14 year old car seems to be regenerated with an all new personality that has fully changed it. It has become a new car full of throbbing music.” 

The new system has equipped the car with advanced facilities like hands-free call and Bluetooth streaming. Thus the car owner is highly excited and elated with this high-end transformation or rather rejuvenation that is what we should call it. He cannot help appreciating the new system greatly for its state of the art features. He is also referring it to each and every car owner, he knows personally and especially to those having an outdated old car.

GROM Audio is a reputed manufacturer of high-end audio integration systems to be used in cars. We make a broad range of car integration devices and kits to match the diverse needs of the different car owners. Our products are also made in keeping with varied devices such as Android devices,
iPod/iPad, USB storage devices, varieties of Smartphones and more. Thus we help users continue playing their music without bothering about the limitation associated with their old car stereo.

We also take pride in pioneering the process to provide downright access to Androids by means of creating an advanced and customized app to be used in the car audios. This is actually a new media player software named AALinQ which loaded with a number of advanced features. The features are suited to be used while driving such as easy and friendly search option, large and convenient graphics, dynamic playlist and many more.

Also, please find Toyota Prius install at GROM Audio’s YouTube channel.