Learning to Drive without Texting

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Cell phone usage while driving is far too common and very dangerous. Some state and local government agencies have made the use of a cell phone while driving illegal for obvious reasons. If you really need to?  Perhaps consider hands free devices such as voice prompt through Bluetooth technology.

Learning to Drive without Texting – Written by a customer of GROM Audio 

NotextinganddrivingWestUTXI have done it even though I’ve said to myself and others that I wouldn’t. I’ve done it right in the middle of heavy traffic getting off the Bay Bridge and in my own neighborhood. I’ve responded to or sent a text to someone while driving.

In the last several years, America society has become more aware of the dangers and recklessness of texting and driving. Research has proven the dangers. Laws have been passed and violators have been penalized.

It has given me a lot think about while sitting in traffic on the bridge.

These days it is important for me to be more aware of what I am doing while driving, not just texting but general distraction while operating my car. This usually involves not just texting, but playing music on my phone or iPod. I find meandering through songs a soothing action while sitting in traffic, I just needed a way to do it safely.

The simplest solution I’ve found to texting while in my car is to park somewhere safe then text. It doesn’t usually take that long; however, there are times when I am competing with getting to my destination on time and sending an important text message.

Also, the parking alternative is completely useless when I’m on a bridge or the freeway, which more often than not is where I am.

I’ve recently had more success in meeting both needs after buying and installing a GROM Audio car kit, specifically, the GROM-BT3: Bluetooth Hands Free and Audio Car Kit.

Though I’m not able solve the texting issue; this device, which provides integration between my car stereo and my Android phone, has voice activation features that are helpful in other situations.

I can answer and start phone calls through voice activation prompts, a strong substitute to texting/driving. In addition, I use voice activation through the car kit to play music stored on my phone or listen to something through Pandora.

Technology has always grabbed my attention, as with a lot of people. It’s also made my life and the lives of many others more efficient and fun. Unfortunately, there seems to be two sides to every facet of life.

Technology is no different. If I am not conscious of my relationship with my phone while operating a car, I could lead others and myself into trouble. I don’t want that.

By practicing safe behaviors, like pulling over before texting, or incorporating safe technology, like investing in GROM Bluetooth Hands Free and Audio Car Kit, I have been able to change my actions for the safety others and myself.

And, I almost forgot, sometimes I just take the public transportation instead.

Either way, I’ve come a long way from text on the Bay Bridge.

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