The Motivation of Melodies: the Power of Music in Our Lives

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If you’re like many people who use GROM’s car kits, you’re passionate about music, especially while you’re driving. You many even question, like us, what motivates your passion for music and, more importantly, how does music affect your life.

We wanted to know too and decided to find out. What we discovered was both remarkable and exciting!  We discovered that music is motivational and inspiring. It can influence our behavior and set the tone of our emotions.

According to a Halfords survey on playing music while driving, nine out of ten drivers felt that listening to music affected their mood and actions while they drove. 15% said their music choice inspired them to go faster and 5% said they became more aggressive, while 27% said soothing music helped calm them.

In fact, researchers over last several years have found many attributes to the value of music in our lives.

Music can help us alleviate melancholy and stress.music_brain

These moods commonly affect many drivers whiling sitting in gridlock.

A lot of people can relate to sitting in their vehicle in slow moving traffic, aggravated and feeling depleted.

Do you remember a time like this and found yourself turning to your stereo to pep-up and feel better?

Music can improve our cognitive performance and our ability to perform under pressure. Driving requires a lot of our focus and attention. It can be tempting to drift into our thoughts and daydream. At times like these, music could you help us reassert our focus back on our driving and help us become present.

Have you ever created a playlist to help you study or to get you through a long road trip? How many Pandora stations do you listen specifically to help you focus while in a sticky commute?

Here at GROM, we try to be aware of the benefits and risks with listening to music on Smartphones or MP3 players. We hope to facilitate safe listening with safe driving. The benefits of music can be outstanding and play a role in our driving lives; however, without safe technology like GROM car kits, we may be at risk.

This why GROM is constantly working to achieve the optimal design for safe usage and enjoyment from your smart devices. Thank you for being a passionate and consciousness customer!


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