Technology and Innovation are the driving force behind GROM Audio

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mtechIt’s remarkable to contemplate how much our phones can accomplish these days. Just perusing your Smartphone, you can use a map application to not only find your present location, but also find out what kind of businesses are close by.
One can then use a GPS feature to provide block by block navigation to the location.

There are also apps on Smartphones that allow one to watch Netflix films or YouTube videos. One is able to peruse local news, social media, and email. Not only can one listen to any local radio station, but also any radio station throughout the world. More importantly, one can store and access music or listen to internet radio apps such as Pandora or 8Track.

All of this is available to the owner by just pulling out their Smartphone from their pocket. They are able to access nearly an unlimited source of knowledge and media content from devices that fit comfortably within their palms. This is one of the miracles of our era; however, there are other remarkable technologies emerging.

Consider some of the features now available to car consumers. We have cars that work on fuel cells and provide a substantial increase in the value of a tank of gas, which greatly reduces a driver’s need to refuel their vehicles. There are on-board systems that not only provide GPS navigational utilities, but also cameras that allow drivers to see what is going on in the rear of their vehicles. There are also driving features to allow vehicles to self-park themselves and voice activation features to access a vehicle’s various functions through spoken commands.

Here at GROM Audio, we are excited by these emerging technologies and what may come next. In fact, we’re constantly working to participate and bring together the innovations developing around us.

One can look at our car kits as a new technology that bridges both these innovations, providing our customer’s access to use both Smartphone and car technologies in unison, enhancing our customer’s driving experience while creating an environment of greater safety for everyone.

In the last several years, where awareness of the dangers of distracted driving is becoming extremely relevant, GROM car kits are being continually refined to improve our customer’s safety. Whether it is steering-wheel activation or voice command features available in newer cars, our kits allow safe integration through all hand held devices – Smartphones, mp3 players, or tablet computers.

Here at GROM Audio are continually amazed at the remarkable technologies being developed and are working to become a relevant part of this revolution.