Christmas Story Series

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Bring Us On the Road with You Series:
Holiday Edition

Story One – Dashlinq with Bill and Anna

Story Two – VLine with Bill and Rommel

Story Three – Wirelinq with Bryan and Mia

Storytelling is one of the ways people share in the celebration of the holiday season.  Whether it’s sitting around the fireplace or gathering at the dinner table, stories bring warmth to our hearts.  During this holiday season (and in the links above), we bring you stories of how our integrative car audio solutions can help you in your travels.  Stay tuned in and engaged, and bring us on the road with you.

GROM Audio Blog Holiday

“I spend a lot of time in the car.  The most robust holiday travel I ever experienced was back in 2013 when I went with my girlfriend to spend holidays with and her family on the East Coast. Flying to New York for Christmas with her mom and brother, we then took our rental on a road trip to Boston to celebrate the New Year with her entire family outside the city.” – a storyteller

Technology Behind the Wheel

Technology has slowly entered into the driving life of most people, with mobile device users now having access to variety of apps designed to make their driving experience easier and more relaxing. GROM Audio has worked for years to make this experience has satisfying and safe as possible, developing car kits and apps to seamlessly integrate mobile device with car stereo and infotainment systems.

Driving seems to be the norm for many couples and families during the holiday, travel that includes long periods inside a car across roads in the rain and snow. The ever-present urge to get moving before Christmas then afterwards during the return to work, setting aside the urgency to finish the gift shopping and wrap the gifts, and make the assurances that everything needed is packed and ready for the journey.

The value of having access to a myriad of apps has expanded the value of driver’s travel experience. During the holidays, when the roads are packed and everyone is more distracted, having access to these apps can be indispensable. Whether mapping apps or music apps, this new technology can release drivers from some the burdens of holiday commuting.

Through GROM Audio’s car kits and apps, the value of this technology is brought to easier, less distracted methods of accessibility, enhancing passenger safety while augmenting the driving experience.

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