Innovative Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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We all know Valentine’s Day comes once in a year and every lover waits for this day with much anticipation and eagerness. We are looking for special ways to make each other happy, and give an unforgettable and special present.

However, it is a bit tough as well as tedious task to find the perfect gift that will be adored and cherished by your loved one. So if you are having nightmares searching for the perfect gift for him/her, here is the list that needs your attention.

Valentine Day Gift Ideas for him

If your man is a car lover and loves to drive down the roads often, then you can have your permanent place in his heart by gifting him a very useful car stereo adapter from GROM. GROM-USB3 stereo adapter has numerous benefits. It is capable of connecting Smartphones (Android, Apple and Microsoft), in addition to adding devices like a mass storage device, external hard drive and a flash drive, and HD Radio.

The integration is seamless and GROM’s kit allows the playback from your Smart devices through the controls on the steering wheel as well as through the car stereo. Your partner can easily connect their Smart devices with their car stereo and connect to the latest car technology such as hands-free calling, voice guided turn by turn GPS and  much more!

You can also add your special touch by compiling his favorite tracks and adding it on a pen drive along with the adapter.

(Check out our Valentine Day Special Spotify GROMmantic playlist, compiled of some most favorite romantic songs from GROM team.)

driving with music

Your busy girlfriend might want to answer phone calls even during your long drive on the weekends.  Taking calls while driving the car will be easier and safer for her, with a Bluetooth car kit from GROM.  The new GROM-BT3 offers hands-free calling/receiving as well as Bluetooth streaming. GROM-BT3 will be a smart add-on to the original stereo of numerous cars. It comes with microphone and also built-in Bluetooth. It has two separate extension inputs that can be used for HD Radio and AUX-In connections in the vehicle. The Bluetooth is also compatible with the latest Smartphones, iPhone, Android or any other phones with Bluetooth capability. Coupled with Dashlinq dashboard car mode app (available for Android phone only), GROM-BT3 creates a perfect duo for the music lover and busy person that is always on the go.

If your boyfriend is always on the go, VLine infotainment system will help him to enjoy his busy lifestyle. Powerful car infotainment platform, VLine will provide him with the access to the latest music apps such as Spotify, Web Radio, Google music. Modern navigation and real time traffic using Google Maps or Waze on VLine will help him to focus on the road while driving and do not stress out about looking for the next turn or detour. All that is seamlessly integrated with his factory touch screen. VLine is currently available for select Lexus stereos, with more vehicle support coming soon.

advanced car infotainment system VLine

Gift from GROM Audio is thoughtful,  useful and trendy. But the most powerful and great gift of all is your time and attention. Treat your love with a dinner, invite for a dance, take for a walk or watch a movie together. We all know how precious such  moments in our lives are.

“I know of only one duty, and that is to love.” – Albert Camus

Check out our very GROMmantic Spotify playlist, consisting of our team’s favorite romantic songs.  Follow it on Spotify to gain access and play it later in your car with one GROM’s integrative car solutions, or at home.

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