GROM Explores Different Music Genres for the year 2017

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Music is always a source of inspiration for us at GROM. It has been one of the major driving forces for us to improve and develop devices for our customers who seek a safer and more robust experience while driving; whether listening to music, referencing mapping apps, or something else.

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Music offers relaxation and distraction for many. It is one of the few distractions that a driver can indulge in while being on the road. Whether calming down with a classical piano interlude from Chopin or getting focused with sharp lyrics in a rap from Kendrick Lamar, music engages us and affects our moods.

Music has been around for a very long time and has evolved, adapting to different cultures and personal tastes. In an essay on music evolution, the author describes  musics origins as beginning with percussions, simple drums and other beat makers, which were used in religious ceremonies. Later, Egyptians would invent the harp and flute. Onward, humanity would diversify the instruments and uses for music. This eventually would lead to different genres of music that would continually change and offer new experiences.

GROM Audio Newsletter Music

These experiences would offer physical and psychological benefits, which might vary from genre to genre with certain types of music providing its own unique positive responses to persons mind and body. This concept was explored in an article published on Here are some of the conclusions the author discovered in his research:

  • Smooth Jazz can offer a soothing response in individuals, allowing them to relax more
  • Heavy Metal listen to while an adolescent can offer a strong senses of identity
  • Hip-hop music helps with depression, offering narratives of success and upward mobility

The article goes on to recommend diversifying one’s exposure to music genres to experience the added benefits each genre. But sometimes it’s hard for people to begin to understand a genre and thereby enjoy it; the comfort in familiarity and tension in experiencing something new can create a barrier.

GROM Audio Newsletter Music Playlist

One of the best methods for some of us at GROM to understand music better is by creating playlists. Gathering music of a particular genre for playback can enable one to absorb the different stylistic nuances and artistic variants to an orthodox style within a genre.

Beginning March 2017, we will be releasing a blog post and Spotify playlist in unison every month to celebrate the many faces of music. Each month, we will offer you music and insights of a specific genre.

Here is what to look forward to in our Music Genre Series this year: