5 Things You Should Know in Mobile Tech and Car/Driving

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GROM is now featuring a fresh series covering important news in car and audio each month. We will feature 5 important stories on what is developing and happening in the world of mobile device innovation and car technology. Keep on the look for our monthly updates and see what’s new.

What Happened in February

1. Nokia premiered a new version of their classic 3310 “brick phone.”

GROM Audio Nokia 3310

The New Nokia 3310 from www.nokia.com

On the first day of the Mobile World Congress (MWC), Nokia gave the world a first look at their new “dumbphone” by bringing back their classic 3310 and refitting it for 2017. So what is the big deal? Retailing at $67, Nokia is competing against the mega priced phones of Samsung and Apple with a basic phone with some amazing new features. This includes nearly a week worth of battery time, new exterior with several vibrant colors to choose, high-quality display, FM radio and MP3 player for music, and SD card slot. The main drawback is it is only compatible with 2G networks.

2. 2017 BMW 5 Series cars are ready to roll.

GROM Audio BMW 5 Series

The New 2017 BMW 5 Series – Kelley Blue Book

Featuring three models, the new 5 Series offers the comfort of a luxury car and the power of a sports car. Using electromechanic steering system that feels as natural and unrecognizable enough from a regular steering system, this car hugs the road while offering the owner the ability to switch, through the click of a button, from sports mode to eco mode or comfort mode. It includes 2D surround view cameras and auto-parking. At the same time, it features a BMW sports car engine that can bring you to 60 miles an hour quickly, as the lighter model 540i takes you to 60 mph in as little as 4.7 seconds.

3. Uber is in trouble with their driverless car program as a Google subsidiary sues them for intellectual property theft.

Waymo, the Google driverless car unit, has accused Uber of stealing their tech. The suit stipulates that Antony Levandowski secretly acquired 12,000 files of technical information from Waymo before leaving the company to form his own outfit called Otto, which was bought by Uber. The suit is being filed under the Defend Trade Secrets Act, which became federal law last May. Consequences to Uber if they lose in court are loss of revenue, a halt of their current driverless car program, and possible jail time for Uber management if the case is handed over to the FBI.

4. UPS has begun testing a drone delivery system to be used by UPS drivers in delivery routes.

The new HorseFly UVA Delivery system is designed to launch from a delivery truck roof, delivering packages and returning to the vehicle. Though a concept that has been tested by Mercedes Benz and Ford, UPS’s goal is to have drones make difficult deliveries that drivers cannot make. The Horsefly is a 9.5 pound drone capable of a 30 minute flight at a top speed of 45 miles per hour. It can carry up to a 10 pound package to make deliveries.

5. An 81 year-old woman in Japan has become one of the world’s oldest app developer.

GROM Audio App Developer

App Developer – Masako Wakamiya – YouTube

A former banker who discovered computers at age 60, Masako Wakamiya has created an app called Hinadan. It is a game where a player has to position 12 dolls in their correct positions on a four tier display. Wakamiya has been featured on a TEDx talk in Tokyo, while also writing a blog that includes articles on how to make art with Excel and a vlog focused on her travels to the Mediterranean and New Zealand

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