Road Safety Series: GROM’s Innovative Products and Technology that Combat Distracted Driving

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Most people enjoy listening to music while on the road and, in the age of IPods and Smart Phones, much of their music derives from their hand-devices. The value of these innovations is massive in terms of selection and ease of use. It has the ability to contain your entire music collection for playback. It can access radio stations throughout the world. It can take less than 30 seconds to get music in your car. But even a few seconds may be too much.

Cell Phone Distracted Driving

Additionally, these devices also allow other features such as GPS mapping/navigation, phone calls/texting, and much more. Taking calls while driving is now possible as is seeking out your favorite fast food options while on long journeys. There are so many features you can focus on while driving that you may lose focus on your driving. And maybe too much is too dangerous.

Recently, the FCC posted an article featuring some alarming statistics on the consequences of distracted driving: more than eight people are killed while more than a thousand are injured daily due to accidents involving distracted driving and over 660,000 motorists use their cell phone or other hand-held device while driving throughout the day within the U.S.

The need for a safe means to access your phone/device is dire. GROM Audio wants to make this happen safely and has made it their mission as a company to ensure every drivers can use their phone/hand-held device without the risk of distracted driving. Here are the products they offer:

GROM Car Kits integrate phones/devices into your stereo/infotainment system.

Connect Android Phone, iPhone/iPad/iPod to Car Stereo via GROM Car Kits with USB Connection

GROM Car Kits are designed to easily be installed behind your dashboard. Depending on the kit, your device/phone can be accessed via audio cable, USB cable, or Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

They integrate device software allowing you to not only hear music but access album data while controlling your devices on your stereo/infotainment system (or steering wheel controls if available in your car model.) Like picking out a station on your radio, you can get your device/phone to play your favorite tracks without taking time to grab your device and focus on it.

VLine Car Kits manage your infotainment system.

Infotainment System Demos Playlist

VLine Infotainment System Youtube Playlist

They are also designed to install easily behind your dashboard. Through the VLine operating system, you can update your infotainment system with latest apps available online. You can use the latest driver-centric music service along with road assistance apps.

This new technology will ensure that your infotainment system will have the latest innovations in driver-centric software and keep your focus on the road.

Dashlinq is an app for your phone that allows you to access everything on your device safely.

Dashlinq Car Mode Dashboard App

Dashlinq Car Mode Dashboard App Youtube Playlist

Dashlinq is an app that make your phone driver-centric by offering a simplified onscreen layout that includes large fonts and vivid colors to quickly review and understand what’s going on while driving. Most importantly, it has a voice command activation interface that allows you to control your device with your voice while keeping your hands on the wheel.

This powerful app has an onboard music player designed for drivers. This allows you to have access to music files stored on your device as well as use Spotify and Google Music as plugins. It also has a web radio interface with stations – past and present – as offered via Web Radio.

Additionally, Dashlinq integrative navigation feature gives you the ability to use popular navigation app (Google Maps, Waze, iGo, Here We Go, Sygic, etc.) while maintaining control over your music while driving. All these features use Dashlinq’s driver-centric layout and voice command activation technology.

Dashlinq is free to download and use, making it the most cost effective solution for distracted driving reduction.

Wirelinq is smart cable for your Android smart phone that improves the safety and quality of your listening experience.

Wirelinq Smart USB to Micro USB and Type C Cable Converter

Wirelinq Smart USB Cable Converter Youtube Playlist

By using Wirelinq cable instead of a USB cable, you can Integrate your stereo / infotainment to play and stream music while fast charging your device. With high quality digital sound and video performance, Wirelinq can enable your stereo/infotainment system to display song titles, artist, and album information along with displaying cover art (as applies) via your device. You can control music playback with steering wheel controls, along with browsing music through stereo buttons and/or infotainment touchscreen.


Wirelinq offers two connector options for Android devices. You can choose between Micro USB or Type C.

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GROM Audio has been at the service of their customers for nearly ten years and has worked from their origins to integrate smart phones and other hand-devices into car audio systems. They realized quickly the true value of their product when concerns about distract driving became paramount as reports of fatal crashes began to burgeon in their era of digital music.

This is when GROM made driving safety a key element incorporated in all their products. Their innovation focus turned to ensuring that car access to devices were a means of improving driver focus and reducing distraction. Learn more about GROM Audio and their products at