Music Exploration of the World – A look into different music styles from West to East

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Sometimes while at work, I find myself wandering into a kind of music I have never heard before. Just for the sake of shaking things up and interrupting the monotony of the mid-week tedium, I find music from somewhere else in the world.

Office Music Work Morning

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Every time I do this I am reminded that music is a universal concept for any culture no matter where one is on the Earth. It helps to remind me that the music I usually listen to—that which has inspired Rock, Blues, Jazz, and so much more—derives from a source of many different representations of sound and expression.

Have you ever found yourself prowling through Spotify and/or Pandora sifting through music from Latin America? Or maybe diving into K-Pop or J-Pop? How many times have you found yourself teasing your ears with Afrobeat? Or mellowing out with some Cuban Jazz?

Music Mural Cultures World

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GROM wants you to consider the idea of music as it is shaped in different cultures. In the coming series titled “Music Exploration of the World,” we’ll look at music from a variety of locales throughout the globe, including:

World Map by Regions

  • Latin America
  • Africa
  • Europe
    • Western
    • Northern
    • Southern
    • Eastern
  • Asia and Middle East
    • East Asia
    • Southeast Asia
    • South Asia
    • Central Asia and Middle East
  • Oceania—including Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, and Australasia

This series will look at the origins of some of the music in these regions and how they impact the societies they derive. It will look at the melodies, rhythms, and styles that make these ideas of music unique, along with the instruments and musicians associated with their performance.

Along with music blogs, GROM will have music playlists that feature some of the most famous and engaging songs of these genres. You’ll be able to hear each genre for yourself while learning what is unique and special to their society. This is a great opportunity to engage your ears and your mind to music from different parts of the world.  Who knows?  You might even find something new to add to your work commute or road trip.

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Look for our first post in the coming weeks where we explore Latin Music; whether from Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, and Cuba.  We’ll dive into Salsa, Mariachi, Samba, Tango, Andean, Merengue, and Mambo.

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