Buyer Be Aware: GROM has Christmas Gift Ideas of 2015

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Holiday Stress
Holidays are fun and exciting, but Holiday shopping can be stressful and frustrating. I never know what to buy anyone for Christmas. I try to write a list and select every gift before reaching for my car keys and driving towards the mall. It never works.

I eventually find myself pacing the mall from Bath and Body Works to JCPenney, eventually gorging myself on orange chicken and pork-fried rice at the mall food court. Several times, to her dismay, my girlfriend escorts me, having already finished her shopping, through the aisles of holiday season boutique stores and overcrowded department stores.

Sooner than later, she eventually bemoans our futile quest for the perfect gift, which I have vaguely envisioned in my muddled ambitions. She then, as always, mentions intently “Why didn’t you research/buy gifts online?”

Luckily, this time I remembered that GROM Audio has a selection of products that suit my needs.  GROM Audio brings music to car stereo systems through Smartphones and other handheld devices. This simple idea has grown and as they began developing their unique approach to car stereo access.

GROM USB Car Kit – USB3 is the most versatile of all their car kits. It offers a top of the line integration interface to hand-held devices for many car makes. The kit offers a variety of access points: USB, iPod or iPhone, Bluetooth, AUX, Android. With endless configuration with rich functionality, this car kit is customizable with add-on accessories.

GROM Bluetooth Car Kit – BT3 (Under $150) is a great option for people who only wish to add Bluetooth music streaming and hands free Calling and Wireless Audio. The system comes with built-in Bluetooth and microphone. You can control your MP3 music with the car stereo or steering wheel controls via Bluetooth wireless audio control. This device is compatible with all Bluetooth capable Smartphones, including latest Galaxy S series and iPhone 5.GROM Auxiliary Interface (Under $70) is a simple and affordable way to use a 3.5mm Auxiliary cable to listen to music from your hand held device. They are easy to use, small, and offers the best quality sound through a direct connection.

Looking for stocking-stuffers? Consider these options from GROM:

  1. Dual Micro USB and Lightning Apple cable ($14.99): The Apple MFi Certified Lightning cable is 100% compatible with iOS 9 without any warning message. The 3ft 2in cable, with micro USB connector and 8 pin adapter, is compatible with both Apple and Android phones and tablets.

  2. Tetrax, Car Cell Phone Holders ($34.99): Tetrax is a fashionable magnetic mount for smartphones, tablets, and GPS devices. It can handle almost any device and is easy to attach to the air vent or dashboard of any vehicle. Its compact design makes it effortless to mount and use.
  3.  GROM Magnetic Smartphone iPhone Car Vent Mount Holder ($10.99):  GROM Magnetic Air Vent car mount uses magnets to hold your phone or GPS in place. It can be mounted safely and securely on the air vent of the vehicle, and will not obstruct the view, $10.99.

  4.  GROM Gift Card: Can’t decide what would be the perfect fit for a loved one or friend? Give them a gift certificate and let them decide. Just ask how to get one.
     GROM Gift Certificate via PayPalAs I learned, there are many great options for unique and exciting gifts from GROM Audio’s website. I even found something perfect for my girlfriend, who suffered through my drudgery at the mall. Now, she can listen to her “Fall Out Boy” as much as she wants (in highest quality sound) in her Scion with the help of her iPhone6 and the GROM-BT3.