Summer News Update: What’s Happening Now in Car, Audio, and SmartPhone Tech

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As the summer sun sheds its warm joy from June into July, a series of amazing releases and innovations have been revealed in both the car and smartphone industries. Game changing car audio technology is quickly seeping into consumer awareness as major companies like Apple and Uber begin revealing major innovations in their most celebrated products.


GROM Audio News Recap


The revolution will be broadcast: Continental, an audio company, is on the cusp of igniting a car audio insurrection. Seeking to overthrow the reign of traditional car stereo speaker systems, Continental is developing a system for cars that will use actuators to create sound by vibrating the interior surfaces of a vehicle. Using a magnet and coil to create the oscillation, Continental actuators supposedly are able to manifest a natural 3D audio experience. Continental plans on demonstrating their innovation at Ac2ated Sound during the Frankfurt Motor Show.


GROM Audio News Recap 3D Printed Supercar


700-Horsepower 3D-Printed Supercar? 3D printing produces new dimensions as Divergent 3D is showing of their gear. Divergent 3D isn’t settling for second best as their machine can produce not only a working car but something out of a James Bond film. The Blade has a 2.4-liter turbocharged four cylinder engine with six-speed sequential transmission. How much does this 3D print job weigh? Just less than 1388 pounds, meaning it goes fast—really fast.


GROM Audio News Recap Hologram Smartphone


Prepared to be shot into the 5th Dimension with the world’s first Hologram Smartphone. Red, a technology company known for their high quality film cameras, has created a smartphone that offers holographic, virtual-augmented and mixed-reality-ready content. The company has expressed that owners can view holographic content on the phone’s display without any special glasses. The company has been quoted as explaining the tech as “This incredible retina-riveting display advancement features nanotechnology that seamlessly switches between traditional 2D content, holographic multi-view, 3D content and interactive games.”


GROM Audio News Recap iPhone 8


Apple’s Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone with the the latest model update. The iPhone 8 is almost here. Rumors are spreading like an ocean wave breaking on a costal rock formation. Apple is said to be offering major renovations with the anniversary addition of the celebrated phone: including a redesign of phone display with an innovative all-glass and curved OLED display. Though no solid date has been announced, Apple usually premiers their latest phone in September and releases for sale weeks after. Aside from the new look, fanboys and girls can expect a super-fast processor, wireless charging, and a new dual-camera among other facets.


GROM Audio News Recap Uber App Tipping

Source: Google Play

Uber has added a tip jar in their latest update to the popular app. Often combative over the suggestion, Uber has finally surrendered from demands from both riders and drivers to offer this opportunity at gratitude and income from riders to drivers. The update was officially rolled out on July 6th, allowing drivers from over 100 cities to have this new feature available to them. Competitors like Lyft have offered a tip feature for a very long time and, with this new roll out, Uber has relented with the often request update as it struggles to compete with various controversy occurring in and around the company.