3 Ways to Connect Your iPhone to Car Stereo with GROM Car Kits

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Three Roads to Your IPhone

Ways to Connect iPhone to Car Stereo Using Car Adapter Kit

The new IPhone is about to be released and aside from the staggering price tag and home-button-less interface, the new phone will offer new opportunities to see what the next generation of smart phones may look like. Unfortunately, one feature that hasn’t been mentioned by Apple is how it interfaces with car stereo/infotainment systems. More than likely, the same issues faced by car owners in the past will continued to be faced by owners of the new IPhone, provided that their car doesn’t have the latest in phone connectivity.

Frankly, connecting my IPhone to my car shouldn’t have been as difficult as it became. The fact of the matter is that I have an old enough car that it only had an audio port. I considered buying a new stereo but didn’t really want to remove the car stereo. I remember renting a car last year that included mobile Bluetooth connectivity, so I really wanted something that could offer that. But what was that?

The solution ended with me reviewing GROM Audio’s website. GROM is a car audio company that offered me solutions to my dilemma. Their core product is there audio car kits that allow older car owners to connect their mobile devices to their vehicles. Depending on the model of car that you own, there was a solution to your needs.

Ways to Connect iPhone to Car Stereo Using Car Adapter Kit

USB Port Access is generally seen at the most common form of connectivity used for mobile devices in cars. Aside from offering better audio quality in the form of an auxiliary cable, UBS connections provide entree to meta-data that allows you to view album and song information on your stereo display. In many cases, this level of connectivity also provides the owner with the ability to manage their IPhone through their stereo controls. Finally, most USB ports also offer recharge capabilities that provide owners the ability to recharge their devices as they listen. As a result, it’s easy to see why this connectivity option is most popular among drivers and passengers.

Ways to Connect iPhone to Car Stereo Using Car Adapter Kit

Bluetooth Access is what I wanted. It doesn’t always offer all the features that USB connectivity provides, but it has one major advantage over both USB and Auxiliary ports. It doesn’t require any cables! Considering you’re trying to connect your mobile device to stereo/infotainment system, it definitely can be said that it is wireless access for wireless devices. As a driver, I cannot help but feel this is the safest option. I don’t have to waste time connecting or reconnecting my IPhone nor do I have watch where what my cable is wrapped around. I select what I want to listen without having to untangle anything. Bluetooth was originally and mainly used for phones but over the years the tech has been adopted for many other uses. This level of connectivity removes cables all together, providing a safe and simple means of listen to audio on your IPhone.

Ways to Connect iPhone to Car Stereo Using Car Adapter Kit

Auxiliary Port Access provides the basic port that allows you to connect your IPhone to your vehicle. By using a simple AUX cable, you can have rudimentary audio access to your mobile content, which can be heard via your car stereo speakers. Though by far this is the most simple access option, the sound quality is still excellent even from a 3.5mm AUX-IN connection.

iPhone revolutionized listening to music

The new IPhone is definitely going to break ground for many smart phone owners but regardless, for me at least, being able to access this new toy in my car is going to require outside help. Thankfully, GROM offers a car kit for my car make, model, and year. Being able to safely connect to my IPhone via a Bluetooth connection has not only made the whole experience easier but has eliminated points of distraction that has allowed me to safely enjoy of my IPhone without endangering myself or others.