New bill on autonomous cars, announcements from Samsung, Apple, and Blackberry, and BMW pairs with Alexa

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News Update What’s Happening Now in Car, Audio, and Smartphone Technology

This month offers amazing news on the digital front with Samsung testing their new 5G network on the racetrack to evaluate how it performs on the road. Meanwhile BMW is introducing Amazons Alexa as a new standard feature in their cars, along with BlackBerry trying to make a comeback in the smartphone market. Here’s what’s going on:

New “Robot Car Bill” for Autonomous Driving Leaves Consumers ConcernedGROM Audio News Update Autonomous Driving

Congress has passed a “Robot Car Bill” through Bipartisan support that leaves many consumer watchdog groups concerned. The bill is now being prepared for review by the Senate; however, there is concerned that the bill leaves the door wide open for automakers to develop autonomous vehicles without regulations or providing guidelines for consumer and road safety standards. Among the major concerns is that bill as it is would preempt all state safety standards without any such rules in places on a national level.

BMW cars to have full access to Alexa

GROM Audio News Update BMW Car Stereo

BMW announced that all their cars will now have full access to Alexa in their cars. Not only will Alexa be available in their vehicles but cars owners will be able use Amazon’s virtual assistant with voice commands. This new feature will not require car owners to use their cell phones as BMW models and select MINI models will include built-in SIM cards. Alexa has become popular among many consumers by providing access to various app features and web content through the use of simple voice commands.

Samsung tests 5G mobile performance on racetrack

GROM Audio News Update Racetrack

Samsung is taking their new 5G mobile network to the racetrack to see how it performs. Looking for accelerating their phones beyond the 4G barrier for drivers, Samsung has been testing their end-to-end 5G mmWave technology in a racecar on the “Everland SPEEDWAY” in Korea. Through a series of tests, Samsung is been evaluating the performance of their new tech to ensure that every driver can experience 5G mobile wireless service with seamless performance at even high speeds.

Apple reveals new iPhone at annual iPhone eventGROM Audio News Update Apple New Release iPhone 8

Apple revealed their new IPhone at the company’s annual IPhone event. Taking place in the Steve Jobs Theater in their new Cupertino headquarters, Apple revealed their new Apple Watch. This was the first major event at their new offices.

BlackBerry announces going all touchscreenGROM Audio News Update Blackberry Touchscreen Phone

BlackBerry has announced they are going all touchscreen. The legendary cellphone maker that for years had been known for their iconic keyboard smartphone design is ditching the old digs for the modern touchscreen model. These new Blackberrys, which will be initially available in Middle East markets, will offer large touchscreens with even larger batteries. Blackberry had been losing money in recent years as modern smartphones have assimilated their market but have been making a comeback within the software market with security applications. This new phone will be their reinvestment in the phone market.