Listening to the music with VLine in your Lexus – Web Radio, Spotify, Google and USB plugins options

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GROM VLine Infotainment System for select Lexus and Nissan Infiniti vehicles offers many options for the music entertainment while on the go. With VLine the driver has the access to the full array of music applications, available on Google Play.

In addition to that VLine has its own propitiatory plugins for some of the most popular music apps, allowing safe access to them while driving . In this article we are going to overview the music plugins available within VLine user interface.


Spotify plugin within VLine allows for the access to your Spotify account and browsing by Playlists, Albums, Artists, Songs, as well as stations and genres. You can add multiple accounts within Spotify VLine music plugin, and simply switch between them without logging out. This option is very convenient if the  vehicle is used by multiple drivers. Voice search is available to search for the favorite tunes.

Paid Spotify account is required.

Web Radio

Web Radio plugin allows seamless access to variety of internet Radio stations from anywhere in the world. It includes FM and Local stations as well. Stations are categorized by Genres, Location, Period.  The user can add the station to the list of Favorites, allowing for the quick access to it later. The driver can record favorite piece right on the go, so he can always return back to it at a later time.

Voice or key-in search is also available. The plugin does not require any subscription.

Google Music

Google music plugin allows to play the music that was purchased or uploaded to the user’s Google Music account. The user can organize the music by Playlists, Albums, Artists, Songs. Voice and key-in search options are available within Google Music VLine plugin.

Local USB Music

Local USB music plugin allows for the playback from USB stick/Mass storage device or Android phone that is connected to VLine for music play. The user can organize the music by Folders, Playlists, Albums, Artists and Songs. Voice or key-in search are available for the music search within plugin.

USB connection of VLine supports many music format, including MP3 and FLAC lossless files.

Other Apps

In addition to build-in plugins, VLine user can install any music apps from Google Play store. Once installed, the driver can access to the music and use apps own user interface. The user can still quickly switch back to VLine user interface to access Maps and other VLine features just with the tap of the finger. Supported music apps include Pandora, Sound Cloud, IHeartRadio and others.

Next Generation VLine VL2 

Next generation VLine VL2 is coming soon . Available for preorder, VLine VL2 will ship after May 25th. VLine VL2 features 3GB of RAM and the best in class chipset for optimal boot speed and performance.

VLine is the Android based car infotainment system that integrates to the existing factory stereo and screen. VLine allows seamless access to the Google Play store, as well as its own plugins. VLine user will get advanced Maps (Google, Waze, Sygic and others), music apps, voice command, available right on his car original car stereo screen. Additional VLine features include Bluetooth Streaming and Smartphone mirroring (AirPlay and Chromecast).

VLine allows for seamless integration with the factory car stereo, therefore there is no need to replace the original stereo or screen in the vehicle. VLine integrates with car stereo, touch screen and remote touch (aka joystick) controls.

Currently available for select Lexus 2004-2017 and Nissan / Infiniti vehicles.

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Drive happy.