GROM VLine for Google Maps in your car and Sirius XM – FAQ

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We often get the question – is it possible to use VLine for Google Maps, and listen to the Sirius XM at the same time?

The answer is no – you need to be in the GROM VLine mode in order to have Google Maps displayed on your factory stereo screen. Your stereo cannot be in two modes at the same time – GROM VLine and XM Mode.

However there is the good news – instead of using Sirius XM you can listen to the internet radio using VLine’s own Web Radio plugin.

VLine’s Web radio plugin allows you to access miriad of the Internet Radio stations. That also includes your local AM and FM stations, as well as many international stations.

Listening to the radio of Madrid or London? No problem! Checking what is hot in Sidney? With one tap of a finger…

Plus there is no subscription or fee. All you need is to provide internet connectivity to your VLine. You can switch between the Maps screen and the Web Radio with just one tap. Voice activation and search by voice is available within Web Radio VLine plugin.

If you are a big fun of Sirius XM, the other option would be to install Sirius XM app from Google Play Store to VLine. As VLine is an Android based interface you get the access to the apps available at Google Play store.

More information about VLine is available at
Demo videos:

Drive happy!